Working on me to influence PCC : Hint number 1 : Do your research

Working on me to influence PCC : Hint number 1 : Do your research

You cannot open a book without learning something. (Confucius)

Importantly you have to have a belief that things can be better. When you are convinced of that,  you need to do your research and find evidence to underpin those beliefs.  Information is everywhere. At no other time in life have we been more exposed to the capacity to seek guidance and information from so many sources. But you have to be thirsty – do your research find your resources. Then share them …even with people, who may not want to share them….and you will make them thirsty also.

So what are some of the things that may influence the care of people in the aged care environment in a more person centred way ?

Obviously information about Person centred Care is the place to start. Read and gather resources to share with others. You might like to start with the “Father” of person centred care” Professor Tom Kittwood and move on from there. His book “Dementia Reconsidered: The Person Comes First ” is a place to start.

You may like to look at this PowerPoint slide presentation as an…/conf05_pape_Woods2.pdf

or some work put together in Australia:

But also be thirsty for information around change management (and that is really what we need to do) and communication and leadership. You might like to consider setting up a research group in your work environment – where different people research different things and share it with colleagues in some formal or informal way. You might like to look for resources to share on change management and managing change in challenging (aged care) environments??

So ….the Mantra for you and me this week is:

  • Every day this week I will search for an answer to something which will enhance my professional environment
  • Every day this week I will share this information with others

And how will you know you have succeeded

  • You will be enriched by new learning’s
  • Your environment will be enriched by new learning’s
  • You will have an increased passion for your work

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