I pay my respect and acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional owners of the land on which I work and live.

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Welcome to my website and thank you so much for coming. After a small hiatus 🙂 I am back. Walking beside older people who contribute and achieve so much (without seeing ageing as a barrier) has made a significant difference to my life and ultimately to my own ageing process.

Walking beside people and their families with dementia

Sharon Wall portrait - Ageing by Caring South CoastBut even working with people who have an abnormal ageing experience, through the world of dementia has taught me, and continues to teach me so much about life. It is a unique position to walk beside people undergoing a decline in their thinking and functioning. To be able to talk to them about things that happened many years ago, to learn, to listen, to care, to share – even if that person does not remember my name in a second – has provided some wonderful life experiences.

I have, with great humility, shared the experiences of wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, partners and friends as they live their journey. It is they who have the knowledge, they who have learnt through the schools of hard knocks with incredible, fortitude and perseverance. They, who have so generously passed on the messages to me, so that I can pass them on to others through the work that I do.

I have been witness to some amazing examples of extreme caring and loving of older people over the years but have also sadly been challenged by circumstances and situations that make my heart weep and I continue to follow the calling of my broken heart.

I feel much more fire in my belly about profiling love in ageing and I am particularly interested in having an ongoing dialogue about how we might do that together.

I am convinced that love has the power to dissipate negative emotions and undesirable practices and provide a fertile landscape for growth and focus.

The primary purpose of this website, therefore, is to profile thoughts, ideas, concepts, resources and projects which contribute to bringing love, respect and enhanced caring practices into the ageing and aged care environment.

Committed to bringing love and caring back into the aged care industry

You may be here because you are a carer or a care manager, a colleague in the industry, an older consumer or someone who has an older consumer in their life. You may be working or interested in aged care planning and policy but I hope you are here because you are committed like me to bringing lasting and sustainable influences of love and caring to the Ageing experience.

I believe increasingly in the power and energy that is created by many minds making a difference and so I hope that we can talk and plan side by side and hopefully contribute to that positive difference.

And most importantly I believe that we all have the capacity to create a “LOVIE” day by putting the “I” back into LOVE.