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I will continue to share resources and links with you that I think might assist and support enhancing the care of older people in many environments, particularly in a loving way. You may choose to explore these resources as a professional carer of older people or as a loving family member, friend or community member, the choice is yours. Many of these resources relate to projects that I have and continue to be involved in, so I am certainly available to discuss them with you in more detail at any time and will continue to keep you updated as time goes on.


Aboriginal ageing / dementia resources

Brain and Dementia Aboriginal Resources about Ageing and Dementia -- cover imageThe Koori Dementia Care Project (KDCP) aimed to translate the knowledge gained from the Koori Growing Old Well Study into practical outcomes and resources for Aboriginal communities.

The project built capacity in six urban and regional Aboriginal communities about the effects of dementia on older Aboriginal people, their families and their communities.

Some additional resources from this project which may be helpful are:

  1. A portrayal of dementia in Aboriginal communities:
    Trek of Hope for a Dementia Cure:
    Interpretation of dementia by aboriginal visual artist Mary Jane Page
  2. Understanding the brain and its behaviour for Aboriginal communities:
    The brain and dementia
    Koori Dementia Care Project

Working with pain with people living with dementia

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Resources for older refugees

Enhancing The Lives Of Older Refugees
A Self Improvement Resource for Community Service Providers

“Spreading Love” resources

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